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Reasons to Join the CMA

  • Members share information about the hobby inside and outside this organization and the AFDCS.
  • Learn about current cachet makers' creative styles, production methods, how they got started, and more.
  • Our newsletter is mailed in a First Day Cover with an original cachet by a different member for each edition.

Join Today

Join our friendly group of philatelic artists today. You do not have to be an artist to enjoy our avocation. You do not even have to be a cachet maker. We encourage all members of the first day cover collecting community to connect with our small group and get to know us. If you want to be in touch, complete this CMA Membership form

This year, 2017, we are not asking for dues while the website is under reconstruction. When we ask for it, membership dues ($12) helps to pay the cost of preparing and mailing our newsletter. Dues also pay for the website hosting service, our domain name, and computer software to build and edit the pages.

Past Newsletter Envelopes

J Burgos FDC
Reagan Inaugural
Indy 500 FDC

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